| FTBL Who is the starting QB against Ole Miss this weekend? Milroe announced as #1 going forward.

Who starts against Ole Miss?

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Needs to be a two QB system between Ty and Milroe. Play whichever QB is best suited for the situation and have designed plays to move the pocket. Why is Alabama the only program right now that does nothing to alleviate pressure from the rush? Why do the TEs not check the DEs? No rolls outs? No RBs to the flat? Just line up and drop back and get sacked. It's maddening.
If the quarterback isn't getting into a rhythm how can the play caller?

That said I still believe the best set for this offense is the single back, two tight end approach. I'd like to see more.
We need the O-line to get better, like you said on here, Booker being out hurt, hopefully he's back Saturday to play. With the QB situation still in doubt, we need our identity to be a run first, downhill offense. That will help whoever the QB is significantly. There's no reason we can't either, we have the talent, and the depth to do it. This has to be the week where the problems get addressed, and solved.... cannot have another performance like yesterday against Ole Miss. Defense played really well yesterday (aside from a few missed tackles, and busted plays while pass rushing), if it wasn't for them getting stops, we likely would've lost yesterday. I'm glad we didn't start SEC play yesterday, because we would've almost certainly lost the game playing like that.
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