| FTBL Thoughts on the game

Just what I expected. We beat up a team that was a powderpuff. Maybe the good of the game is that we got some rhythm of production.the stats look a little weak to me

Sorry didn't make myself clear about this post. What I was meaning was that Texas really didn't play anyone either.
Right. I am back home and Tennessee fans are on the roofs crowing

As i am sure they are at A$M. Arkansas. Uga.
Fsu aU. Ole ms Oklahoma Etc.

Ok. We get an early test

I think we looked pretty dang good. No drops. Penalties limited. Organized

Horns down. Roll tide

Well...first there are some that had their pick...and just didnt have anything to dowith milroe

Probably same in 2020. Wanted BY and got Jones. See how that worked out

And a lot on here. ...and press just trying to still-things up...
Injecting race...culture...or whatever ...to stir the pot

I was all in on TY....but wanted the best...playing
I think we got it
Ha ha. No, didn’t bother me at all. Just stating that the title is “thoughts on the game”. If you didn’t want everyone’s thoughts then title it something else.
On the game..... What happened happened during the game.... not complaining about an opponent that we've known for almost a year.... And not only that, nobody is respecting the fact MTSU has real good defense and are well coached team.

So no, your point isn't valid .
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