| FTBL Thoughts on the game

About the game…not the opponent we’ve know for how long now? All the good we did is because of the opponent, that’s what I’ve read by some
Didn't hurt. Who you play is a part of the game. Can't say the same for a lot of other teams this weekend, but a fair judgement on the team can't be defined by a first game against a team like MTSU. On the good side, 2 penalties A+, Punting was good, defense better than average, Milroe was solid running the offense, running game wasn't that impressive, had too many missed assignments blocking on that side, but again, 10 out of 13 on 3rd downs is what we are supposed to do against a team of that level, which is good to see, but being skeptical is being able to recognize the team your playing's talent level. In a nutshell, we did what we were supposed to do against MTSU and looked good on a lot of the little things that will make a huge difference when we play the likes of Texas. Those are my thoughts on the game, now, on to the shorthorns.
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