| FTBL Sink or Swim time this Saturday against Ole Miss...

Alabama hasn't lost 2 September games since Saban's first season in 2007. I think this week's game tells us a lot about how this season ends up... like 2007, or something with much more promise?

Saban made it clear yesterday that Milroe has been given the keys... it's now up to him, those around him, and the staff to make it work. How do they do that? IMO, while you can't change the playbook at this point, you can tailor it to best fit what Milroe does best and focus on those things, and cut your losses on some of the stuff that he continuously struggles with. Meaning, despite his long term plan to become a pro-style passer, focus more on zone reads, designed runs, quicker designed throws (slants, screens, etc). The deep ball will be there still and one thing he's proven is he can handle that part of it.

The offensive line (and backs in pass protection) must get their shit figured out, now. We know that in the past the Tide OL is a slow starting unit... this OL came in with more hype than any we've seen since the 2020 (even more than them, honestly)... bigger, badder, better, etc. Time for Wolford to earn his money and the best 5 to settle in and play much closer to their potential... if they do that, they'll be fine.

I'd like to see the RB rotation grow. I'm not asking or expecting Jam Miller or Justice Haynes to be out there on 3rd and 11 very often, but I'd like to see them get a couple of spot carries a game, at least in some short yardage situations.

There's lot of noise around the program right now... some of which is legitimate... most of which isn't. But drop this game to Ole Miss, the noise gets louder, the clutter starts to pile up... and for a team that lacks Alpha leaders... that's a recipe for disaster.

The good news? This Ole Miss team has holes in it (and issues of their own), and a victory over them would be a huge confidence boost... depending on how the game plays out, Alabama might find that edge they've lost, and start to form an identity. I'd like to see the Tide offense attack the hell out of the Ole Miss LB's. Stress them in every way possible in the run and pass game. Do unto them as some did unto Bama under Golding.

As far as Kiffin... He just can't help himself, but he's doing his team zero favors by throwing gas on this week's game. He's done it before, and win or lose, he'll do it again... It's a good look into the window of why he will never be Alabama's head coach. And maybe UA is in so much disarray that they don't answer the bell, but why poke them? Why go out of your way to publicly disrespect Kevin Steele, a coach that the players love? That alone should have the entire Alabama team motivated to drag them (and would in the past)... but with this Tide team, we'll have to wait and see. It's been a long time though since I've seen an opportunity like this for an Alabama team to rally around each other and use adversity as a means to recalibrate and punish. I feel certain that they can... but unsure that they will... either way, we will find out soon enough.

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