| FTBL What's your opinion on how Brian Kelly will do at LSU?


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Hurts had a pretty solid WR corp all three of his seasons in T-Town. Better than he had at OU, I’d argue.

If I was burdened with lots of free time, I’d go watch his snaps the last 2 years for the good guys. He tucked and ran a bunch of times, many when running out of bounds horizontally for a 1 yard gain, no gain or even a loss. It got frustrating given the talent around him. I watched a few games at OU and didn’t notice him running straight for the sidelines but I know the defense they play is different. But that different?

He had Ridley, Jeudy, Smith, Irv Smith, and Ruggs. It does not get any better than that.

You can't take a Spphomore year and compare against a Senior year simplydue to the maturity one faces and how the game slows down. Hurts got better at Alabama. Look at how he did coming in for Tua in the SEC Championship game compared to his Natty performance as a Freshman. He wasn't running out of bounds against Georgia for a yard or a loss. He atepped into the pocket and threw on the run accurately.

My last comment, oh yes the defenses between the SEC and Big 12 are that much of a difference.
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