| FTBL The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs. The Rebels/Bears/Sharks

Good: We actually looked like an offense capable of completing something other than a slant pass.

Bad: Defense. We are in desperate need of some dominate defensive lineman. Davis has disappeared again. Dale is a stalemate and I'm
no sure who the other DE is at this time.

Ugly: Secondary. Saban has shown the ability to adapt on offense, now its time to do such on defense. Our man-to-man coverage is a
huge liability, especially in/near the red zone.
Good- Passing game and running game getting better
Bad- Play calling - just wish we would have more balance. I did not look at the number of plays to see where things stood but I just want to see a punishing run game to go with the elite passing game. I thought we could run when we wanted to but seemed like we were bound and determined to keep throwing. I am sure I will hear that's what the defense was giving them. I know Tua is elite but we are going to need both to be elite with this Defense.
Ugly - This defense regressed. I am completely disgusted with these guys especially run defense. Never thought I would see a Saban defense this bad. Against 2 middle of the pack (and that is being kind) SEC teams we have giving up 400+ yards and 23 and 31 points.

Oh yeah I think if we have a bad and ugly we should have a good and great to balance out the positive versus negative. And I was a little frustrated when I wrote mine:)..
Good - Besides the obvious passing game comments, it was great to see the running game get moving today! Keilan Robinson needs more carries!

Bad - Penalties and the heat

Ugly - Watching a freshman QB run nearly at will on this defense...in the first half.
Ugly, II - Ole $i$$'s 4th quarter success... Wow. :cautious:
Good: offense, Tua and company could have hung 80 on Ole Miss today had CNS not pulled in the reins late in the 3rd.

Bad : I'm not sold on the notion our D is that bad...early leads cause players to lose intensity in my mind. There is a drop off for sure when the two's come in but I'm pretty sure half of the points the rebs scored were on the backups. Defininlty room for improvement but I got a feeling when they play good teams they will respond.

Ugly: kicking game...even the extra points were sketchy.
Agree about the defense, mistakes happen with a big lead and when u mix the experienced guys with backups. Defense made the stops to help offense build the lead. The trade-off with playing backups is that u build depth. The mistakes made are correctable
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