| FTBL The Good?, The Bad and The Ole So Ugly vs. uT West

Good - The loss doesn't sink us & hopefully it will humble this team to get back to work more.

Bad - Penalties. 2 TD's negated by stupid penalties plus the first downs UT gained off penalties. Caleb Downs was picked on & exposed. He can get better. We got away from the run game too much.

Ugly - Both lines of scrimmage were dominated by UT. It was ugly. Milroe's last INT was just putrid.
Good —- a few good plays in all three phases of the game

Bad —- offense and defense most of the night

Ugly —- wide open TD pass off the mark, two interceptions that could have been five, lack of creativity in offensive play calling, Texas gashing our D most of the night, horrible tackling, penalties (including two that erased Bama touchdowns and the final one iced the game).
Good - Kicking game, Texas discipline and ball security, our QB is NOT Payton Thorne

Bad - Our former coordinators are now our kryptonite? Dumb penalties. Milroe passing decisions. Our RB’s had 63 yards rushing.

Ugly - Home loss to out of conference opponent. INTs, D-line pressure (lack thereof), WR separation, O-line blocking, center snapping the ball, what LSU might do to us at home this year. Oh, and the people that talked crap when I said we’d have lost last year had Ewers gotten to play the final 3 quarters (he has 134 yards passing in that 1st quarter)…

On a serious note, did we really think we would have a good defense (not stout) when Kevin Steele was the best DC we could hire?
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Good - we have ability and our corners in run support.

Bad - absolutely zero adjustments by our defensive coordinator. I mean, no pressure, no disguised coverage, and just nothing. I wonder if anyone was even calling the defense.

Ugly - McLaughlin had a terrible game. Snaps and got beat the entire game. Pass coverage, linebackers were non-existent, and penalties. I blame most of this on coaching. Saban did not have this team ready, and we let a mediocre quarterback have all night to throw the ball and expose our secondary. Milroe's last interception was ugly. He flung a pass out there with no zip and it costed us the game. Of course we had two touchdowns called back as well, so it ws a literal team failure. He ran fo his life most of the game, but couldn't adjust and settle when he actually did have a pocket and time to throw.

Some bright spots and ability as I stated, but we were arrogant and played like it. Got ate up over the middle yet again and did nothing about it. I blame coaching.
Good- FG kicker and punter. Now that says everything you need to know.

Bad- Same team as last year but w/o BY and WA. Impacts of a degraded culture we have seen over the last couple of years. It cannot be overcome in one off season after purging the OC/DC.

Ugly- Losing by double digits at home.

Know my real vent: Pentlies, turnovers, Poor QB play,, busted assingments, poor OL play especially pass protection, poor DL no pass rush, giving up explosive play after explosive play. The last two years is showing the decline of the Dynesty. Hard to believe a CNS program put that product on the field.

Lastly, take the lead at home in the 4th qtr and proceed to allow the other team to score 21 points. This is unheard of under CNS. There is no mental edge any longer. No fear by the opponent when they see the crimson jersies.

Sorry keep remembering things and they are all bad :( - I know we gave up close to 400 yards passing and around 500 yards total offense. That is horrible D in anyones books just like last year against the Viles. Unacceptable period.
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Good- Reichard. And those puppies they showed mid 4th quarter.



Bad- Milroe’s 2 INT’s. Also, OL started off great and then as the game wore on, they looked worse and worse, with many of the mistakes self-inflicted (penalties, bad snaps, etc.) It’s really difficult to reestablish the LOS after you lose it.


Ugly- The deja vu flashbacks to last year’s frustrating team… The costly penalties. Inability to create a turnover on defense. WR’s not getting good separation (early). Guys getting lost in coverage. Offensive line breakdowns. The defense giving up a quick score IMMEDIATELY after the offense grabs the lead and the momentum.


Really Ugly- 0 sacks (Ewers was rarely even hit). 0 forced turnovers. Meanwhile, they had 5 and 2. The defensive line must step up if this team is going to win the West. And Roach needs to figure it out soon or he’ll be reshuffled or let loose in Jan. (meanwhile. Bo's guys...)

Have some more thoughts on the game I’ll probably share later but I need to go back and watch the game again first… problem is, I really don’t wanna go back and watch the game again. May just flush it and enjoy some NFL all day tomorrow.

Good- the sun will come up in the morning, we have plenty of mistakes to look at in the film room and attempt to correct

Bad- the 2 picks thrown by Milroe, oof!!!

Ugly- the HUGE chunk yardage plays we gave up, not causing turnovers, no pressure, our young guys flinching first and caving to the spotlight.
Good: see above, Brandon's screenshot

Bad: got outplayed and outcoached by a more talented Texas roster

Ugly: boneheaded self inflicted wounds and the seemingly decline of Alabama football that we have had the pleasure of watching for the past 15 or so years
The good - basketball team got their championship rings

The bad - the offensive line and Milroe were bad. People are going to blame the offensive line when Milroe fucks up; people are going to blame Milroe when the offensive line fucks up. It'll be a perpetual argument.

The ugly - Alabama has sucked on defense and lost their identity completely on that side of the ball. Outclassed and outcoached.
We have to acknowledge that the game is much more hyper-competitive than it once was. College football is filled with ex-Saban lieutenants who are establishing excellent programs everywhere.

As for this team, IDK. If they go 8-4 or 9-3 it will be indicative of systemic issues that have been brewing for a long time, and the big man upstairs might be implicated. But in the meantime I'll hope for the best. I'm hoping Steele can develop these guys on defense to make them formidable. I think Tommy Rees is a solid OC as well, though I think Milroe is not the answer at QB.
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