| FTBL The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs The Blue Raiders?

Good: Milroe greeting all teammates off the field at halftime, eye contact and eloquence during interviews, attentiveness to coaches while on the sideline, and hitting a few deep balls.

Bad: the lack of physical dominance in the trenches against a non-power five opponent. After all the talk by players and pundits, I expected more physicality against MTSU.

Ugly: Milroe starring down his receiving targets, and the lack of throwing opportunities given to Simpson. I don't care what the score is, you give backup QBs the chance to throw the ball. You don't have the go deep, but give our back ups quality reps.
RE: Sacks and pressure over the right side ... saw running backs missing blocks.

In a hypothetical world:

Let's say Bama is interviewing for a new DC and Rick Stockstill is a candidate. I'm there. They shouldn't have beaten Miami last year...but that game confirmed he's a heck of a coach. He gets A LOT out of his players.

Overall, gotta sit back and consider all of this for a minute...my heart tells me that Texas is in for an ass whippin. My wallet isn't there, yet.
Miami was ... what 3-8 ot something last year.

I keep hearing " they beat mismi last year"

Most of that O is gone. And miami wasn't much

But i liked the mtsu Offense. They did move the ball. And looked to have some quality players. And good scheme
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