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Pull for teams

I pull for the following teams in this order
  • BAMA
  • Georgia
  • FSU
  • Texas

Also my Nephew plays for Georgia.

I notice this is your first post here. Welcome aboard.

Cubbies - well I was when they had Rhino and the Hawk still watch them sometimes. Have some friends(huge cub fans) that go to Braves games and chant at Chipper. "LARRY" is the chant

Went to a few Thrashers game and I like watching them play.

No favorite in Profootball

Was a big Browns fan growing up. DAMN YOU ELWAY!!

Not really into pro sports to much. :D
I have had a change of heart. The following teams will have a one day only ticket to my love:

August 30 2008, I will love ULM.

Sept 06, 2008 I will love West Viginia

Sept 13, 2008 I will in love with Dem MSU Bulldogs.

Sept 20, 2008 I will smell a little more like a corn dog than usual.

Sept 27, 2008 I willl still hate Tennesse but only 95% as much as the rest of the year.

Oct 4, 2008 I will be a Commodore.

Oct 11, 2008 I will scream Soooooeee Pig, laugh at their coaches big ears.

Oct 18, I will be a Golden Eagle.

Nov 1st I will be Nutts about the Rebels.

Nov 8th I will be rooting for Division 2 TN Martin. (I always thought Martin was a great comedian, I never knew he had his own college)

Nov 15th I will be rooting for that UGAly team in Georgia.
Celtics fan since I was a kid, but I like the Jazz too

RAMS (yeah they suck)

Air Force (in college football and basketball)

Bruins (though I'm not a huge hockey fan)

Dodgers and Tribe in MLB
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