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Brandon Van de Graaff

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While I hate Bama is out, I'm starting a thread for those of us (probably very few) who will keep close tabs on the rest of the teams through Omaha.

How the SEC Teams have fared thus far:

Alabama- Eliminated in Regionals
$5 Arkansas- Eliminated in Regionals
Florida- Advanced to Supers (@ Clemson)
#10 Georgia- Advanced to Supers (vs. NC State)
#2 Kentucky- Advanced to Supers (vs. Oregon St.)
#24 LSU-
#17 Mississippi State- Eliminated in Regionals
South Carolina- Eliminated in Regionals
#1 Tennessee- Advanced to Supers (vs. Evansville)
#4 Texas A&M- Advanced to Supers (vs. Oregon)
Vanderbilt- Eliminated in Regionals
I love college baseball!! A bucket list item of mine is to go out to Omaha and catch a game or two. Hopefully, the Tide would be one of the participants.
Several national seeds have struggled and a couple have been sent packing already, Arizona for one!!
Only SEC I care to see advance is MSU. I don't really mind A&M or Kentucky either, they both deserve it, but I don't want them winning it all. I really don't want MSU winning it all either, but of all the SEC teams, I dislike them the least while also having a deep rooted respect for them.
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