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If, I mean when Bama beats the Gators, everyone will finally jump on the band wagon for Bama winning the NC. They all say Gators are the team to beat, so what happens when Bama wins? I want to be the underdog, Bama always plays better as the underdog. What was said in 92 when we won? I cant remember because i was young and living in Cali with a bunch of Alabama bashing A$$holes who said we never had a shot.

But with a win over the MIGHTY GATORS, will everyone finally buy into Bama beating a great team, or find some excuse why they won?

Doesnt really matter, we are a year or 2 above where the "Experts" and even me thought we would be. Congrats to all the Seniors, all the players, the fans, and everyone who doubted Saban, give him a raise! Roll Tide!
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