| OT What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? Plus a homework assignment...

My weekend was non-eventful, but relaxing. I agree with this holiday getting a bit lost. I have plenty of people thank me for my service on memorial day. I'm disappointed, but not a dick. I've given up trying to correct people. I usually just do a lot of "me" time for that holiday.

I always remember my uncle, who I never met. He was killed in the Korean war. My dad was just off shore on his ship when it happened. They wouldn't let him go ashore to escort the body back. Things were just different back then.
National Military Appreciation Month falls in May each year. As its title suggests, this observance is meant to raise awareness and encourage celebration and appreciation of those who serve — or have served — in the U.S. Armed Forces.
I have to until I found out about this.
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