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W/o WR, Nelson and Stevenson stepped up and filled in the scoring that WR would normally provide. We have players that can step up. Having WR gives one more option if needed. Make UConn have to think about one more scorer would not be a bad thing.
I like this. And I don't.

Two days ago he wasn't coming back because of fear of another head injury. He was opting out because of his concussions.

Hell, that's what was told to the media these past few days. That's what he told the athletic department.

One shining moment ...
He and his family may feel that another week will make everything fine. The old brain is nothing to mess around with. All it takes is one collision on a screen or taking a charge. 🤞🏼
Probably from the inmates they locked you up with...
What are you talking about? No one gets arrested anymore.

No shit. I was biking when I got off work this morning...round about three'ish I'd say. (11 miles today.) Girl that works at 7-11, smoking a blunt ... sheriff pulls up and doesn't say a thing. Walks in, gets coffee, walks out.

I'll buy his next coffee if I see him again.
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