| BSB/SB ⚾Alabama @ auburn - Bama wins series finale, 12-5. Next up: SEC Tournament (vs. South Carolina on Tuesday)

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The final weekend of the regular season is upon is and Alabama will be playing in Hoover next week... but first, they take on auburn. The Tide comes into this game after winning their series against LSU over the weekend. auburn is coming off a series win at Missouri (their only SEC series win of the season). I'm not going to dive too deeply into this one, but I will say that while Bama should win this series, auburn isn't quite as bad as their record reflects. They've had some tough breaks and some injuries along the way that have really impacted them. Beyond that, their biggest issue has been their pitching... their starters have put them in some bad spots and their pen has usually made things even worse. This will be auburn's last weekend of baseball for the year though, and that combined with the rivalry, I'd expect them to throw their best punch.

As for Bama, if they can manage a sweep, it would get them back to .500 in league play... that still won't be good enough to grab a regional hosting spot, but it's more than respectable and would certainly improve their standing when the seedings are handed out (results in Hoover could certainly play into it too). Other than winning all 3, my hope for Bama is to see Greg Farone get back on track and Ben Hess continue his resurgence. And obviously, stay as healthy as possible as the page turns to the postseason on Saturday night...

Just an additional side note: The weather will likely force some sort of schedule change for the weekend... my uneducated guess is they play 2 on Saturday...

Fuck them mofos

Tide was up 2-0, but auburn just scored 6 in the 4th and ran Zane Adams. Bama isn't playing with their usual energy this weekend... not up to this point anyway. And the defense is terrible. 6-2, T5.

Unrelated note, that fat fuck that sits behind the plate each game in a shirt 3 sizes too small and constantly fans himself is distracting as hell.
We're seriously about to get swept by the worst team in the SEC.

In actuality, that would be Mizzou (I'm sure that makes you feel better). I wouldn't count Bama out of this one yet, but overall, this weekend has been a disaster. Pains me to say it, but Vaughn has been taken to school by Thompson... and that's ok (with me) as long as he learns from it.
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