| MBB/WBB 🏆 West Regional Champions: Alabama-89 vs. Clemson-82 - THE TIDE ARE FINAL FOUR BOUND‼️

Washington Post trying to discredit Oats’ success with an article calling out sign stealing and the work of GA’s. Ignorant…. It’s good to be the hated, no matter the sport.

Sign stealing? Basketball? WAPO is so lame! 1 finger up - Coach, that’s their signal for their zone offense where they play 3 outside the arc and 2 posts, 2 fingers means man pick and roll! 1 on defense means man to man, 2 means 1-2-2 matchup, 3 means -we’re fucked! They know we know their signs!😂 Basketball eventually boils down to execution and Jimmy’s and Joe’s.
It's about that time hopefully they are locked in and have a great shooting night. Been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.
Roll Tide!!
I think the loss earlier in the year will let them come in motivated to this game to prove something. rat poison or not.

I also think the loss to Clemson earlier this year was more so Bama having a bad night shooting and Clemson having a stellar night shooting. These two things if kept close to averages definitely gives Bama the edge. Not sure Clemson has the scorers to hang with us in a scoring contest. They're going to want to muck it up and slow us down.

I'd really love to see us come out flying, taking points and forcing Clemson to shoot from behind the arc and shutting down the middle slip screens.
How we handled the inside game of Clemson is going to be the deciding factor. They will play physical and we know we have struggled against physical teams but have been playing better in the tournament obviously.
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