| FTBL Fall Position Preview: Alabama’s Running Backs and Fullbacks



Alabama is a team that has been deprived of quality depth at numerous positions on both sides of the ball over the course of the last few seasons. The arrival of Nick Saban kick started a talent influx like the Crimson Tide had not seen in years, so the depth deficiencies are slowly but surely starting to dry up. One position that is looking very good from a depth standpoint going into this season is that of running back. The Tide has several guys that are more than capable of handling the job, some are veterans, and others are talented newcomers. Most all of them will be fighting each other for valuable playing time. Saban has always elected to use a rotation of backs in his career, when the talent allowed him to do so. With the quality of depth this year, it is certainly possible that three or four guys will find themselves in that steady rotation, with all of them getting a similar number of carries.

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