| FTBL Cole Cubelic's takeaways from week one in the SEC

ALABAMA: Bryce fantastic. So comfortable & poised. He & OL handled a VERY confusing def front well. Great exp for young WRs. Edge defenders will be a big issue for opponents. Won't be surprised to see all 3 in at once soon

ARKANSAS: Deserve more cred than they will get for this win. KJ looked great. Made good decisions. 7 is big for the off but Shouldn't be alone in pass pro. Cincy front caused a few problems mixing up looks. RBs ran hard. OL fine. 3rd level of defense in coverage has to improve.

AUBURN: Handled their business. OL better than expected, still plenty to clean up. Tate solid day at C. Tank is ridiculous, vision/patience cleaner. RBs good. Ashford is going to help. Can provide more than a spark. Front 7 solid. Saw what I needed to see from 99. 13 played well.

FLORIDA: Massive win for staff & the program vs a CFBP caliber team. Showed grit late. 15 the difference, can make everyone very right when they are very wrong. Loved the poise. The OL looked DIFFERENT!! RBs brought low pad level & toughness. DL disruptive. Still room to grow!

GEORGIA: Most impressive win of the season. Just dominant. OL wore them down. TE's exceptional, 0 great blocking. Stetson in full control. Like how Monken spread ball around. 0 TO's & 9-10 on 3rd down is silly. Mixed the looks enough on defense to be problematic for opposing QB.

KENTUCKY: Handled their business. Slow start but got it going in 2nd half. Levis solid. Need more out of the run game. Continuity up front not all there. Big day for 9, can be exactly what they need. DL shaky at times. LBs cleaned most of it up, good day. Must improve on 3rd down

LSU: Credit for fighting late to stay in it. Had chances. Had some guys that just weren't reliable enough. OL struggled. QB can't be 1 read & go. Hated to see 0 go down early, just brutal. Special teams an absolute killer. Saw flashes of a few things they can build on. 18 great!

MISSISSIPPI STATE: Nice win considering circumstances with delay. Rogers is fun yo watch. So good down the field. Spread ball around. OL solid. Front 7 fantastic vs a good rushing attack. DL disrupted, LBs active! Just super efficient other than the turnovers. Have a real chance.

MISSOURI: Slow start then exploded. Solid win out the gate. Plenty to chose from moving fwd in the run game. Tackles solid. 3 lives up to the hype. Totally different defending the run. Took the ball away. Fits better & fierce up front. Gotta cut down on the flags. Tough one next

OLE MISS: 433 vs a really nice defense. Guess the offense won't disappear. OL was what we thought it was, strong. 6 looks like the real deal. TE really helped them go on that side of the ball. Weapons won't be an issue. 23 all over place on def. Can't let TO's begin to be a prob.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Beat a good football team. That's a physical/experienced club. Prob won't get cred for that. QB made plays but efficiency can improve. Need more from the run game. Wanted more out of DL. 3 is going yo be a big add. Can't be 3-14 on 3rd's Handing opp opportunities

TENNESSEE: Handled their business. Hooker looks so much more comfy/poised. Just confident. Has plenty of weapons. Wanted to see a few for a little longer. The DEs 9 & 6 gonna have big years. Like how they moved them around. OL has right attitude. Mincey looks like the guy at LT

TEXAS A&M: Handled their business! OL solid, but want to see them dominate. They are capable. Love how 0 got the ball different ways, so damn explosive. 1 did some nice things. Young DL got some good reps & did good things. QB has to be more consistent w/decision making.

VANDERBILT: How about 2-0!Mike Wright is that guy. Gonna have be a LOT of him but he's showing he can handle it. Love how 2 runs the ball. OL growing a bit. Need 16 to keep making plays, can help with high % stuff going for more. Very real opportunity this week. Keep mo going!
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