| GAME THREAD 🏈 WEEK NINE: NCAA / SEC Games of the Week. Harbaugh: "It's one of those, it's elimination mindset, playoff mindset at this point,"

I have a set amount I set aside for gambling each fall. IF I lose it, I'm done. If I double it, I quit for the season. I quit in week five this season having doubled my original investment.

It's my opinion a lot are better than they think they when it comes to this type of entertainment. It's also my opinion they still live under the Sunday school admonishments centered on "casting lots." 🤷‍♂️

@jlabit is about to double his starting bank...several have reached the 1.5 million mark only to fall back a bit.

Being discipline is the hardest part of gambling. I'd say 99.9% of gamblers aren't disciplined. I'm probably 25% disciplined, 75% not. If I was 90% disciplined and 10% not I'd be somewhat wealthy. I've wasted a lot of money but not quitting while I was way ahead.
The Supreme Court has already been refusing to stop vaccine mandates and has an almost 120 year history of allowing them. I am not sure how anyone thinks they will overrule federal contract rules that include them. Maybe Governor MeeMaw can force Auburn to not fire people over it, but she can't force the feds to allow Auburn to renew any contracts that depend on it or make new ones.
Aight, fess up. Are you Joel or Gus?
He is in the conversation now.

"Michigan State running back Kenneth Walker III is in the Heisman discussion after scoring five touchdowns in the Spartans' 37-33 win over Michigan. Walker has moved up to +500 odds, right behind Young, Corral, and Ohio State freshman QB C.J. Stroud."

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