KU being methodical after the INT but some really bad decisions with run direction. Whole right side was open and the RB goes straight into the pileup in the middle, basically stalling the drive and making them try the long field goal that they missed badly.

EDIT: Now it is flag football from the refs. Back to back Oklahoma penalties lead to 1st and 25 and then 2nd and 37 but then on the next play KU grabs a facemask and gives them 1st and 10. Then OK has grounding on the very next play. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
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You're # 3 and you have zero first half points against arguably the worst team in college football...their only win is a 17-14 victory over South Dakota...let that sink in a little.😊
The Ark. game is now on a 24 min. game as both coaches agree to the go 12 min qut. 45-0 Ark. That was at halftime. But Kan just score now it 17-7!
We can look at these early games and say, "bad football" but it's just entertaining enough to have kept me watching four games in the early slot.
Not goign to disagree. I'll take a sloppy game that is close or that the underdog is winning over the team I would like to see lose all day long. As long as Bama isn't involved of course. I like those to be clean blowouts in Bama's favor so my stress stays lower.
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