| GAME THREAD 🏈 WEEK NINE: NCAA / SEC Games of the Week. Harbaugh: "It's one of those, it's elimination mindset, playoff mindset at this point,"

Ki this they'll be able to point to a win over a top 10 team ... a top ten team that hasn't beaten a team with a winning record this season.

IF Miami can grab their game against Pitt at least MSU will have one team on their resume that's .500.

UM vs Pitt has turned into a pretty good ball in the second half.

Watching some good PAC 12 action today. Great atmosphere and tailgating. Game action is poor quality. We’re spoiled fellas.
Good thing you crossed Out "good" I was about to call bull
:poop: :p
FL must really suck this year. They played us pretty tough or we played down to them. I can't believe that Ga is that good.
We have mostly played down to our opponents. That was why A&M beat us. Ole Miss looks like a really huge win, but they really screwed themselves as much as we beat up on them. If Lane hadn't decided punting was the devil it should have been closer. Bama came out flat in the second half against Florida and stayed there.
This will tell you how I watch and listen to a Bama game! This is the loudest that I have heard those bell ringing! Wasn't that loud to me during Bama game! I mean those bell ringing right before the play?
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