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In honor of one of the greatest guitar players...EVER! Rod Stewart's a living legend, no doubt, but how great of a guitar player does...did one have to be to completely upstage Stewart's great voice? RIP, Jeff Beck. What a great, great musician! His work in this song seems so simple, yet Beck takes you on a mesmerizing ride.



el jefe
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They guy behind the counter was trying to stop her, but definitely didn't want to get tangled up in it. And I don't blame him. That lady was throwing some bombs to the other's face and head.


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You don't know how loud this is until you're surrounded by them. It's given me a "quick shiver," one of those sensations where you can feel it all the way down your legs. And we—well, some of us—choose to fish around these beasts.

(Off the wall observation...Sciencegirl is also gunsnrosesgirl...interesting mix of interests here.)

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