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Watch the Birdie

I have bluebirds that nest in my backyard every spring, and it's pretty amazing how quick and efficient they are at finding insects for the baby birds to eat after they hatch... just constant tag team hunting by the male and female... one stays back, one goes and grabs a critter, a minute or two later, they swap... rinse, repeat... for days.


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@TerryP, You may very well may be right, that guy may have stolen that wall hanging tool storage unit with what appears to be the manufacturers name on it, as I cannot read what I assume is Spanish, since he is in Spain. If you were to watch 10 to 15 minutes of the beginning and watch the same amount of time of the end of either video shown below, I think you will agree, by seeing all the high dollar equipment and machinery he uses in his shop, he should be able to afford a low dollar wall hanging tool holder.

As far as a clean shop goes, some people are absolute clean freaks. Especially on his assembly table area. Have you ever seen or been to a watch makers or watch repairman's shop assembly area? An area where cleanliness should be and must be as clean and dust free as possible.
I do know that the assembly area for a miniature gas engine does not have to be as meticulously clean as a watchmaker's area has to be, but I am sure you get the picture. BTW, his shop and assembly area also doubles as a studio, as he has produced almost 390 youtube videos.

Very soon, I will be 67 years , Good Lord willing. I have not lived an easy life, my own fault in most instances. My point is, in these nearly 67 years, I have been around the block more times than can be calculated. In my younger years, I was very gullible, as I was raised up to be a very trusting person. In other words, I was an easy mark, having wool pulled over my eyes easily. But as I grew older, I began to wise up to some of the ways of the world, the slime ball inhabitants. Now, I cannot sit here this minute and claim that I can't be sucked in and be deceived or wont be by acquaintances, strangers, or some youtube video. In this day and age, say the last 30 maybe 40 years, the world has become full of people trying to deceive and take advantage of others on every front. But yeah, I do keep my guard up and my bullshit meter on at all times, as any right minded person should.

I say all that to say that the guy in the video may be a deceiver. But by the videos I have watched of him, he sure seems legit to me.

Only one of the vids i wanted you to see is available.


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