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John Thompson kept a deflated basketball on his desk at Georgetown. For recruits. Especially those he had reason to believe were interested only in playing basketball and not interested in going to school.

"Son, the ball doesn't bounce forever. When it stops, you had better have an education."
There is no stratification of society in this country like the rocks in the earth, that hold one class down below forevermore, and let another come to the surface to stay there forever. Our stratification is like the ocean, where every individual drop is free to move, and where from the sternest depths of the mighty deep any drop may come up to glitter on the highest wave that rolls.

James Garfield
One day when the First Sergeant had and open rank inspection! This happens!

"Sergeant Mulkey when was the last time you saw your gig line!" This morning 1st Sergeant when I put it on. "You know what I'm talking about."

I waited till after the inspection was over before I laugh about what just happen.
This is true. I'd bet every one (not associated with the food area) know's my name.

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