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Quoth the Raven...
I'm always looking for great points, crisp quotes and meaningful thoughts. I collect them in a journal. They may come from books I read, Scripture or teaching, or just during the course of my day. Although I rely heavily on technology, I still use a paper planner. I've progressed from a DayTimer in college, to various options in my early work years, and finally settled on Franklin-Covey perhaps twenty years ago. Last summer, when we were piled into a friend's beach house at Alligator Point south of Tallahassee, a friend noted my planner and remarked, "The nineties called. It wants its planner back." If nineties is old-fashioned, I don't want to be new-fangled.

I digress. My Franklin gives me a daily quote. Today's was: "A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams." - John Barrymore

That one will make it into my journal.


I ran across a copy of Steven Pressfield's Turning Pro perhaps ten years ago. A short read, but full of largely useful information along with his early story. It contrasts between the amateur and the pro, with a focus on the creative/artistic, but it applies to all pursuits. I've given away a number of copies, along with The War of Art, which is a longer, later book of his on similar topic.

"A professional endures adversity. It's better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or the parking lot."
I have a buddy of mine who grew up near Olney, Texas - home of the Air Tractor - west of Wichita Falls. His dad is a rancher and horse trainer, worked with the old guys who appear on Yellowstone from time to time. As many Texas ranchers are hard on their hands - and many Dads are on their kids - my buddy's Dad had a saying for him when he was a teenager bumbling about:

"Having you on the job is like losing two good men." - Jerry Belew
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