| FTBL No Cody = No Pass Rush

Look for Blitzing to become more of a staple. This will require the CBs to play better and LBs to be very disciplined balancing run and pass coverage.

Oddly, having Tennessee as this point may be a help, but now Arkansas State looks more well suited to compete than before (no breathing room).

Come November with Cody back in the mix, and two weeks worth of contingency play and practice to call upon if needed, we may be better suited to finish. But then that might be the homer in me typing.
toward the end of the game on those last couple of series, we were getting a pretty good push with only 4 or 5 rushers. i was impressed. it looke like ole miss's line was wearing down or we were getting pissed off.

Gentry looked pretty good when he was in there. He may be a bigger factor than we think this year.
i think we will be fine as far as the pass rush goes, my concern is tackling.

seems toward the end of the game, they got there but that QB was slippery, missed alot of
momentum killing sacks
I respectably disagree. The last 4-5 plays on defense we forced Snead out of the pocket, and we were only sending 4 down lineman almost every time. He may of killed us with his legs but they were putting the pressure on him when it mattered.
It certainly appears to me that the "pass rush" is a fall back complaint much like people jump on the JP bashwagon when things go wrong on offense.

The pass rush against Ole Miss may have been important IF they were having a lot of success passing the ball. What we got out of OM was the same thing everyone has this year. Two TD's, two INT's.

If you want to find the key to Ole Miss scoring in this game it's real easy.

When given a short field to work with they turned it into points. Twice they had the ball at mid-field and turned it into points.

One time they had it at our own 34 and it was that possession that is really the only one you can point to as a TD to blame on pass rush. (if you ignore the point we were blitzing)

But OH WAIT. It was a 17 yard completion for a TD on a 4th and 4 when we were blitzing!

Why did they have the ball at the 34? That one falls on our offense and a fumble.

The 3 points scored in the first quarter was an 80 yard drive. Of course, only 15 of those yards came in the air so let's point to the pass rush there, shall we? :roll:

Their 2nd TD, they were lined up 5 wide and Snead had close to 20 yards on the QB draw. That's what killed us on that drive, not their passing game or lack of a rush. Fact is, the pocket was collapsing on his as it had been.

Next TD was the 34 yard drive I mentioned earlier.

Last 3 points they scored. 48 yard drive, 31 yard completion to set that score up when OM was in a 3rd and 11. I'll be damned, we were blitzing again and got caught....
Tedford said:
We havent had a real good pass rush since Mark Anderson went pro.

Gilberry had a better season last year than Mark did his final season.

We put us some good sack numbers in the '05 season but it's important to note about 2/3rds of those came from our back 8, not our front 3.

While we aren't putting up the same numbers (in terms of sacks) as we did under that defense with Anderson, we are putting up practically identical numbers in terms of tackles for a loss.
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