| MBB/WBB The Caitlin Clark story about breaking the scoring record reminds me of Derrick Thomas.

The “dirty debutante” thing was an absolute Gold mine… if they would have channeled their inner Don King, they could’ve made a lot of money, marketing that..Shirts, hats, banners ect ect.. but nope.. instead they got easily offended.. the reporter had to take it down..
The only thing better for LSU would have been if Rumpelstiltskin, his spinning wheel and 2 tons of straw were dropped off..
Absolutely. Should have taken it n run.

I guess difference between boys n girls. We guys like a little nasty bout us
What time does a game tip off?
What time is a team allowed to have warm-up's, pre game?
What time do they leave the court?

EVERYTHING is scripted down to the minute.
A lot of people want the truth.. was it a mistake or an intentional act by the team.. if she lied, she should be fired…She should not be allowed to lie to the people…
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