| FTBL How many wins will Vandy have this season?

Usually go every time bama plays. Probably pass this year... ttown games will fill the agenda...

Went last summer stayed by Nissan Stadium. Short walk to broadway... ( parking around broadway...very expensive ... fun place. Lots of street performers....really good ones usually.... cleaner than New Orleans

While not a country music fan...the music is pretty cool live....lots of uber stops...
Food fair
I was up there last month for three nights. Got to see The Steeldrivers at the Ryman, an outstanding show. Most of the bars, particularly the newer venues, perform a typical bar playlist, a mix of country and rock.
Them boys can play!
It was a special show. The first two singers that followed Stapleton weren't great, but the guy they've had for the last three years or so is largely on par with Stapleton. Very similar voice style, with just a little taste of Travis Tritt mixed in. Although they played all of their best, this tour is titled after their gospel album, Tougher Than Nails. They joked that it was hard to write a gospel album that didn't have any murder, moonshine or cheatin' in it, but the title track's construction is on par with their songwriting.

Jesus' love was stronger...and tougher than nails...

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