| FTBL Fall Camp 2023 Thread

This chart matches this following image posted on Reddit. You'll notice a name that's not even on the team any longer.

Minus the Jack Martin addition, they spelled Kool Aid's name wrong lol "Koo-Aid"
One day, maybe, he'll be able to get out of his own way. If he sticks he could have a senior season like Mac: there's a lot in common with the two.

I think one of the hardest things to not get involved with is to become outcome-oriented and to show your emotions when things don't go exactly like you want them to. And that's one of the things that I think has helped all of our quarterbacks, especially Ty, improve on. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, get better, grow.
Yep...you'd have to refer back to my comments during spring camp for more details. He's just a kid, growing up...kind of guy that'll throw a golf club in the water.

You know, I had always pegged him as that kind of guy as well from the limited bits I have seen of him. I just don't think he'll have the patience or even the background (coach's son, always been the guy yadda yadda) to wait it out.
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