| NEWS Fall practice opens up today for Bama Basketball, Baseball, and Softball...

Brandon Van de Graaff

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Here's an 8 minute clip from Bama's basketball practice from today...

The post-practice press conference with Oats...

The baseball team takes the field today for the first time under Vaughn... they'll have some fall games next month against auburn and FSU.

The softball team also begins work today and will also have some fall games coming up soon. The team also picked up commitments from 2 in-state players, both class of 2025... Central HS (Phoenix City) INF Gerritt Griggs and Curry HS (Jasper) INF Ambrey Taylor. Also, Kayla Braud's first official day back on the field in her new position as a coach.

Good practice video of the basketball team. Walters looks impressive as a freshman. We look tougher on D than I'd imagine.

Hoping Coach Pannone has some sets he'll install into Oats' system. One thing I hate is we leave the ball handler on an island to make something happen, while four guys are just standing around. Need more designed plays to cut to the basket and create space. Oats doesn't want robots, but I think more set plays would take an already great offensive system to another level.
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