| GAME THREAD 🏈 Alabama vs South Florida 🏈 ~ 2:30 CT on ABC TV

Do you remember when Florida state under Bobby Bowden started with two losses at the very beginning of the season… they were horrible…then suddenly they exploded and won all their games..and almost a national title… hope that happens to us, but I doubt it..
Yeah I do…1989 FSU with Peter Tom Willis at qb, Dexter Carter at rb, Lawrence Dawsey at wr, Terrell Buckley at cb. They dropped the first game to Brett Farve & Southern Miss…They dropped the second one to Clemson which was revenge for FSU winning with the puntrooski the year prior. The puntrooski is still crazy to watch.

It was a flashback to 1990 Alabama today. All I can say is holy moly Brice mask so many deficiencies on offense. Billy Bob might have been a little better than we thought schematically.
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