| GAME THREAD 🏈 Alabama vs South Florida 🏈 ~ 2:30 CT on ABC TV

Alabama ran the ball consistently and dominated. Granted it was against a fatigued USF team, but that was the only drive that looked decent. Alabama can be good if they just committ to what they do good. Unfortunately Saban and Rees was drop back passes for no fucking reason.
A LOT of work to be done with this OL.
You ain't fucking kidding, this was embarrassing. And Deontae Lawson deserves a "C" on his jersey, he played his ass off this entire game. Hell, the entire defense deserves praise(plenty to work on on that side to).... they kept holding them and getting stops, and turnovers. We need to get better up front on the offense, when Simpson entered, I swear it felt like half a second, and there was a defender on him. We have to get better now, or next week will be rough.
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