| FTBL Who would you want to be Saban's successor after he retires?

Right on some accounts for sure...
DABO ....regardless of what feel are his negatives... has many positives...
...successful HC
....bama boy
....alabama boy
....great recruiter

But he had built a great thing at Clemson.... fits in well.... i doubt he gives that up....
But IMO ...he would win fan base over....be very successful at bama....
I spoke to Bro. Bill several years ago…He said Dabo had been advised by multiple coaches not to ever take the Bama job..
If you can pull for Bill Curry, that never beat those little cats! Why not anyone that will replace him? We are going to need someone with vinegar in his piss! We need someone that tells the higher folks to shut those pie holes!
Did he expand on the specificslly what the coaches were saying? I can speculate but was curious if he elaborated.
Spoke to him at Willow Point before he moved away… he didn’t say I couldn’t say anything..He said he could do just as good there with the area recruiting base and salary….said he talked to Dabo often.. and that he wasn’t the only one that told him he would be a fool to leave where he was… he wasn’t a big fan of Stallings either..
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