| FTBL Well...we won and things are fine.


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It wasn't pretty, but it was a SEC win against a previously undefeated team. We were sloppy and the officiating blew, but UK's a good team. Heck, they knocked off #1 LSU last year! It's not the same team offensively, but I think their defense is better than last year's group.

The 1992 team won ugly week after week.

As far as rankings go, it doesn't matter right now. We control our own destiny...if we win out, we go to Miami!

I think one thing UK has going for them is that they finally have a good defense. Last year they won some games and beat LSU but they couldn't stop anyone. Granted, BAMA did its fair share yesterday to keep UK in the game too.

To me, bottom line is a conference win is a conference win. Anyone who disagrees with that needs to go ask the barners what their opinion on the matter is. They lost to Vandy, while Ole Miss (a team that topples Florida a week ago) got shalaqued by South Carolina.

South Carolina is a lot like UK in that they have a defense and that's about it. We were fortunate to sleepwalk our way past yesterday while other teams were not so fortunate.
i'm glad that we won but is was really sloppy. i think they read some of their press clippings. but ky defense is good, but our defense play awesome yesterday except for a couple of mistakes that let them score. But it is nice to see that we can play sloppy and beat a good team.
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