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Down goes Clemson. The Freshmen finally looked like a freshmen in the final OT when they had the pressure on them to score a TD to force another OT. I assume Bama goes to #1.

BTW, no way those ND fans are social distancing.


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Election’s over, COVID-19 no longer a concern
I noticed that. I am not one to thinks it is not real but the amount of coverage seemed to be orchestrated to make a particular person look back. Lets see how obvious the double standard is in our media with regards to how much probing they do of the Biden Whitehouse. I am sure they will investigate the laptop deal with the same vigor that they did the Ukraine/Russia etc stories because they are independent :(.

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You know, it just occurred to me. Dammit! Kirby's copying Bama again! Last year, Bama went into a bit of a tailspin with two SEC losses, mostly because of injuries. That's where Jawja is heading now.

Get an original idea, Kirby Dumb!


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ND looked really good. They should've won in regulation - 2nd drive, 4th and inches at the 2, and they false started. That cost ND 4 points.

Book fumbling into the end zone after getting a 1st and goal at the 3 cost ND another 7 points.

ND defense was awesome against the run. Clark Lea is an elite DC. ND OL was excellent. RB Kyren Williams was excellent - his blitz pickup was off the charts exceptional.
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