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First off, kudos to everyone one who is on the bandwagon and still on it! It's time to be fans and be excited about being 6-0. At least we aren't Auburn!! And we are bowl eligible!!

On to the bad of today's game. I have to say that we were just gassed out from the UGA game. The defense didn't fly around making plays, the offense was sluggish, except for #38, who is padding his NFL resume every day. That kid can play. As for the QB play, well, he was what he's always been. Good arm, good footspeed, a little loose with the ball. Glad he's on our side though. Pretty nice couple of balls he threw today to #8, trumped only by the circus catches. OBTW, JPW's stats would be much better if two bogus penalties come back.

Other penalties, especially on that offensive line, were troubling, and they indicate that UK was doing some things to us that we aren't used to seeing. Nearly every single team remaining on the schedule has a stout defense, and will watch this film for clues. The nickel defense is a great and wonderful thing, but you can be exposed on the outside by a super-fast runner or a solid passing attack that exploits it. I'm concerned about the stamina of this offensive line when being challenged by a hard charging Defense, especially late in the game.

So far, we've seen some real lapses in our performance in the second half in games. This speaks to the depth issue, and it's still very real. 31-0 leads at halftime make the other team feel powerless, but a great team will exploit it.

Make no mistake, this is not the 92 team. This is more like the 05 team that started 9-0. Offense can be one-dimensional at times, and is too-often that way. Defense is stout, but gets winded and is challenged by plays to the outside.

Every game we play until Baton Rouge is important, and all of them are totally winnable. With the exception of Arkansas State, they are dangerous too. If we get through that trip to Tennessee at 8-0, I like our chances. But we are going to be tested the rest of the way. I expect us to be #3 in the poll tomorrow, perhaps as low as #4, but have no doubt that we won't be #2.

That is all. :D
Our defensive scheme is better than 05, but we don't have the speed we had in 05.

Offensively, we have a lot more weapons and a much better line than 05. What we lack is a QB with a laser arm. JPW is serviceable, and our receiving corp is better top to bottom. We have a lot better depth at RB. Upchurch is playing well, and Coffee is great - he just needs to wrap up the ball in traffic. That trend bothers me...it could cost us a game. We ran for almost three bills...any time you do that, you should score 30+. Turnovers, shooting ourselves in the foot, and a few bad calls really hurt us.
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