| FTBL Saban Press conference from 8-7

From that link you can see today's practice too. Cody gets knocked down early in the video. It's definitely worth a laugh.
NTT said:
Nick is very insistent that this is not a new offense. I guess its more of a restructuring of the same offense.

I keep hearing him say this as well and I've chalked it up to "coach speak in pressers." I say that because not only Saban, but a few of the players have said so as well, has said that about 30% of our offense is new.

Different philosophy? No. A change IE: Fran to the Shula staff? No.

But, we will see different formations, different player groupings, and a different approach to certain aspect of our offense.

Same base set, practically the same terminology, the same ideal's behind what we want to accomplish, but some "tweaks" on how we approach the offensive scheme.

The benefit, going into say Clemson, is they don't know what changes they are going to see. I'd dare say, not a lot but we'll see more of it starting in our 4th week.
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