| FTBL POLL: How do you feel?

Which best describes how you feel after the IRON BOWL?

  • I'm pretty sure that I need to change my underwear. Don't ask.

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  • I would tell you but it would require me to use all UPPER CASE number keys, followed by "Yeah Baby!!

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  • I'm so happy that I want to have CNS' baby.

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I feel alot better than this guy...

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy...but unlike Auburn fans I don't LIVE for the state championship.

Auburn plays to beat Bama.
'Bama plays to beat EVERYONE!

It was AMAZING for MANY reasons, but in the big picture, it was the same importance as the Tulane game. Another win...another step.

RollTideRandy said:
None of the above.

I celebrated the win for about 20 minutes then started thinking about Florida.

I agree, I am concerned about Florida. I have watched three of their games on 360.com and feel we have a shot. Seems like everyone playing them has shot themselves in the foot except Ole Miss. You have to take advantage of what they give you and not give them anything. Seems like a lot of teams are having trouble making the tackles against them. If we do what we are supposed to do we can win this game. Long story short, I feel concerned about the next game and finishing the season 14-0.
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