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Will JPW lose his role as starting QB?

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I would be surprised if JPW didn't start the season. I also think Greg McElroy will be a solid backup and more than ready to step in should JPW falter or, God forbid, get hurt. 'Course, you can't forget about Jimmy Barnes. Another year in the system can only do the kid good.

Can we tee it up tomorrow?
Saban will use qb's that may not have all of the physical tools of a pro, but have the ablility to operate in a system. You an expect to see as much pass as run this season. That's our teams strength and Saban will go with it. That's his philosophy. Now if we got some kind of all-world kid that was just better, of course Wilson (or anyone else) would lose his job. Saban has no special love for anyone in particular on this team. He doesn't even know them. These kids are assets to Saban, and I think we can expect him to use them well.
And believe it or not, I am not cynical about the program. I think Saban is a good man who will excel at the job before him. We may have finally goten over the hump.
I agree with bamaupsman...I think this coming season (being a transition year) Saban will probably use multiple QBs. JP Wilson is not the kind of qb Saban recruits but he has invaluable experience and he will make him a great gamer IMO. Wilson...Johns...others (to be named) will rotate in some fashion to give many looks. Similar to Florida...I could see Johns work the 3rd and short situations IMO.

Wilson has to improve mechanics (he over strides his throws....and needs quicker feet)

The Marve kid from Tampa looks phenomenal on film. Seemingly very athletic...tough but not very big. Saban seems to have a fancy toward very big QBs.
My only issue with JP is his arm strength. He underthrew several balls down field last season which cost us points. Toward the end of the year, we didn't throw the ball down field as much because he wasn't able to get the ball there. His mechanics need some work as well, but that is true of almost any Sophomore QB. I think he will keep his job, but armstrength should be his focus for summer conditioning.
We must be running out of things to talk about, I don't see who we have that could be better. I thought he looked pretty d#mn good most of the time when he had protection on the right side.
JPW will be the starter, PERIOD . He's solid and smart, has starting experience in the SEC and he's durable. He broke some records because he has coachable talent.
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