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several times already, but I have to say it's been night and day from two years ago the way that the WRs are blocking. I saw several plays where some of the best blocking was by the WRs. I saw Stover drive the safety downfield and didn't let go until he'd tossed him out of bounds and landed on him. The OL has been getting most of the credit for the running game (and rightfull so) but hats off to the WRs for finishing blocks!!!
No kidding, if you listen to the UGA game the announcers even talk about McCall being one of the offensive players of the week (by our coaches) after the Arkansas game. Sounds like no big deal, right? Well, he didn't have one catch - not one! Yet he was named offensive player of the week. That tells you a lot about what's going on behind the scenes and how valued that blocking is.
Saban made it clear that if the receivers couldn't block down field then they wouldn't touch the field except for warm ups. CNS has definitely ex=stablished this team as being a physical power running team and Coach McElwain is the perfect fit for this offense. Everyone is physical and that has energized the D as well. No one wants to be considered a weak link on this bunch.
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