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I recieved an e-mail the other day and thought I would share it with you. We have all been concerned about Coach Homer Smith and his battle with cancer and I have good news! Here is an exerpt of an e-mail I recieved from his daughter.


Originally, the Drs. at MD Anderson told my Dad he would be playing golf by the fall when he recovered from the stem cell transplant and all the chemo. WELL….he is doing so well, he can play golf now! And it isn’t even officially summer yet! So he is feeling very good about his treatment. They expect him to be in full remission within 2 months.

I know he had a meeting recently with Nick Saban. I suppose they talked football. He went with his grandson to the Clemson and UGA football camps since he is a rising senior QB. This week he is in Mobile helping Phil Savage coach the kids at the free camp he runs down there every summer. Phil was a Grad Assistant at Alabama when Dad was there with Bill Curry. Phil was a scout for the Ravens, and is now the GM for the Cleveland Browns.

So, Homer is very busy with football this summer, but taking time to rest too! He still has cancer, but is on the road to beating it.

May God bless Coach Smith and his family. Man, I loved that guy as the OC at Bama with Curry, it was a joy listening to him at the coaching clinics.
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