| OT An idle thought on CBS losing the SEC contract, the impact of Gary Danielson's commentary, from the perspective of a MLB player talking about baseball


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Trevor Bauer all-star pitcher for the Reds and formerly of the Indians and Diamondbacks.

There's a tweet I'll post at the end of this little diatribe you can listen to but here's a quick summary.

"If you're going to have people staying at home watching baseball, and they turn it on and all they hear is how bad baseball is, they're going to go watch WWE."

From a football viewing perspective here ...

Over the last two years we've talked about how Gary's commentary went from the X's and O's (which I felt he was pretty good with) to one where he jumped on a little train and decided to harp on something for far too long. Most notably, the officiating where he criticized calls, pointed out plays he felt there should have been calls, and more importantly demonstrated how little he often knew of the rules governing football in the first place. I'm left with wondering if CBS sees the writing on the wall with their coverage teams (starting with Brando and continuing with Gary.)

I also wonder if this is a wagon ESPN/ABC will hitch themselves to as well.

Consider for a minute...

If we are continually exposed to hearing criticisms of the program and its "actors" when we're tuning in to watch college football on Saturdays by the people who are actually responsible for the programming how long will it be before we see droves tuning out?

Literally, we're watching football now-a-day and more often than not we're being told how bad something is that we're watching and yet there's a belief we'll continue to watch a product its very own announcers are saying isn't up to par?

People refer to the prosperity we're seeing in CFB as something we should consider to be temporary, fleeting if you will. Some of their points I can relate to though I don't agree with a lot of them as well.

However, considering TV is the cash cow for collegiate sports today, if we're repeatedly told, "Thanks for tuning in ... here's how bad of a product you're watching" how long do they expect people to respond?

I'm coming of the opinion we're seeing the TV execs, with their personnel and programming decisions and mandated story lines, shooting themselves in the feet. The proverbial "cutting off the nose to spite the face." Catering to a vocal and disgruntled fan base isn't what I consider to be the best move for the future of the sports in the mediums we enjoy.
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