| GOLF "Very cool...and very good for Bama Golf." On the heels of Dunlap's win at the US Amateur Championship, have you looked around the PGA at Bama golf?


Very cool... and very good for Bama Golf...

@Brandon Van de Graaff made that comment yesterday in the Dunlap thread and it sparked a thought, "how well are Bama Alum doing on the tour?"

I noticed yesterday that Lee Hodges didn't make the next cut for the Fed Ex Cup finishing this year end tournament run at 40th. If you recall, Lee won the 3M about a month ago ...

Joining fellow Bama tournament winners in the last couple of years ...

JT, Shelton, Thompson, Riley, and Mullinax as tour winners. That's six Bama Alum's with tour wins.

Upcoming we're going to see Dunlap on an international scale with the Walker's Cup (two weeks away.)

Brandon also made a point of saying "his golf watching time was nearing its allocation for the year."

With so many alumni playing, and winning?
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