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Does Miami jump Bama in the next poll?

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  • 9 wins baby! Who cares!

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I voted yes. Does that mean I think they should jump us? No! However, I felt Miami would jump us after beating VT (I was pretty sure they would) regardless of what we did. Of course, I thought the Miami/VT game would be closer. After laying on VT and Bama sputtering, I think the pollsters jump Miami over the Tide, which is unfair since Bama is 9-0 and Miami has a loss. Who knows, I may be wrong (And I hope I am), and Bama ends up number 3 . Regardless, Bama will be #3 in the BS..........((cough))..............BCS. Even if Miami does jump Bama in the human polls, Bama just needs to beat lswho and aubarn, anf they will go back ahead of Miami.

Now............All we need is USC or Texas to lose.............. 8)

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I think unbeaten should be ranked above all others. Herbstreit said he would drop us 2 places to #5...whatever. You know, I love this being the underdog again. It's eerily familiar to 1992. I haven't said that all year, but the longer we go unbeaten and the uglier our wins are, the more I have to think about it. If we get dropped after staying undefeated, there's a problem.
I don't think we drop. Sure the MS State win wasn't pretty, but it was a shutout and we have one helluva defense. Most voters will just look at the score, see a big goose egg for State and a 17-point victory. We were something like a 16-point favorite over State, BTW. It doesn't matter how you score the points.
Miami will jump us. It's a no brainer. Do I agree or like it? No! I don't know if it has anything to do with how we played either. I said it two weeks or so ago looking at the Miami/Va. Tech match-up.

In the rankings Alabama can't win with that match-up. If VT won they would stay #3. If Miami won (which they did) they would jump. Hope I'm wrong though. :)

And why the drop to #5 Kirk? Hmmmm. :?
I hope they don't jump us but you know how the media is. They'll do anything they can to get their teams like Miami up there. Seems like it anyway. :evil:
This would be a catch 22 for the media though. Theoretically, if a team isn't supposed to be dropped if they keep winning then that standard has got to apply to everyone. This is the argument that put OU and USC in the BCS game last year and that the media hopes will put Texas and USC in the BCS game this year.

Then again, they may just say "forget logic" and reveal how bias they are anyway....
Although Bama won and is 9-0, they hurt themselves in the polls because they couldn't score points offensively against a very weak Miss St. team. I think everyone was expecting Bama to light it up offensively. Miami played a good game against a very tough Va Tech team. They deserve to move ahead of Bama.
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