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Tua or Jalen? I was listening to the radio yesterday driving back to Ohio and this came up as a topic. It was interesting to hear the opinions of the 3 hosts and callers but I'd like to hear what y'all think.
My guess is the answer lies with Lincoln Riley. Does he choose to give Mordecai a good number of snaps after the game is well in hand or does he stick with his starter like he did last season? I would have said Tua immediately if Austin Kendall didn't transfer to WVU. Now, I'm not so sure how quickly Riley will want to bring Mordecai (R-Fr.) along.
Mayfield threw over 3900, and 4000 yards during his stay. Kyler threw over 4,000. IT is safe to say that Hurts will be in 3500 to 4000 range this upcoming season. So with the chance of Offense not changing much, just switch up on play calling... I think we will see Tua and Jalen in Top 5 in passing and Touchdowns this season.
Geeze. Easy. Tua will light up things for 3 quarters. Hurts will sprint right and throw out of bounds. 3 years of watching JH... even last year...he was never comfortable in the pocket... sure had SOME success in pocket... but not under duress
Ya'll forgot that Jalen has improved a lot this past season compared to year before that.... and He will grow more under Lincoln... so it is not hard to conceive that he will throw past 3500 to 4000.... Lot of people had doubts about Kyler Murray and look at what he did... Jalen is capable of making big plays... I have no doubt in my mind that he will lead the team back to the playoff and will be in talk with TT for Heisman...
Also, let's not forgot.. we have Lia and Paul on our roster, so Tua may not see lot of 4th quarters this year.... but as we've learned from last year... the lack of Tua playing in 4th quarter... that hurt us to some degree. Hurts will play more snaps and will get more yards...
Is Tua running the blitz offense we saw last year? Let us pray that ain't so. So I think in my perfect world we see Sark determined to run the ball downhill out of more of the pro spread. We protect Tua with less designed QB runs, get the ball out quicker to our running backs when things break down and Tua goes long much more often but only after play action. Playing in the 4th quarter is much more a probability given what I just described.

And Jalen is in a system. It won't be stats that determine who has the better year, it will be how they both did against defenses good enough to take something away.
I'm perfectly satisfied using the running game more this year, running game accounted for 38% of the total offensive yards last year.

I'll go with Jalen having more passing AND total yards.
running game accounted for 38% of the total offensive yards last year

I know it don't fit the current version of sexy but I would love to see rushing account for 45-50% of the offense this year

Other than better overall LB and secondary play (thru full season) seeing them (offense) impose their will and grind some folks down is second on my list
what @94 Grad said

how many yards...
how many catches...
how many rushes...
how many TDs...

none of that matters in the end. the ONLY thing that matters is the score when the clock hits 00:0
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