| OT This has nothing to do with the ADMIN of this site. I will pose a question. A snake doc and poison are, both ironically and coincidentally,

I’ve never killed a snake, I spend a lot of my time in the summer going to snake calls and removing snakes from people’s yards, sheds, garages, houses, etc.
Nor do i. Although i have before out of necessity....like when they are to aggressive...or around people in family environment

Dont buy..."all snames are poisonous "
"9nly good snake is dead snake"

As said before...one of common denominators for snake bites is
"Trying to kill snake"...
I have no idea whether the user name has any connection with this bit of Alabama folklore, but when I was a kid in Tuscaloosa, some of the black folks referred to dragonflies as "snake doctors" in the belief that the insects landed on snakes to cure them of diseases.
My country neighbors (Black and White) called them by that name in Southern Maryland. More than a regional description?
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