| OT OT, because this applies to every sports program. IMO, there's an unintended consequence with the portal that can be a good thing for a program.


(OKAY, so I'm replacing my deck and the mind tends to wander ... here's where it landed today.)

And I'm not talking about win's and losses, championships, or anything related.

One of the things I don't like about the portal is the absence of being able to watch guys progress from freshmen to juniors and seniors. This applies to recruiting as well. I found it fun watching these kids grow up and found it entertaining "forecasting" where they'd sign. The portal changed all of that. It's rare we'll be able to watch a kid go from HS through his career.

However, fans' 'allegiances' might just change for the better. Where you have fans who were obsessively following a specific player or two, now you'll see those fans' obsessions fall on the coach and the program. It'll be the only constant.

Basketball is a great example. The fan base has bought into Oats and his program. They're watching kids come and go and the attention isn't on who so much as it is what: what part does this player fit with Oats.

There's a drawback. When DuBose was hired, if the 'climate' of college football was the same then as it is now? I can't say fRan would have brought me back as a fan. Price would have turned me off; Shula. Geez.

A few bad hires in this environment and I can see fan bases collapsing.

I've wondered if Byrne had the idea that bringing Kayla in would keep focus on the program. The likelihood of following someone like Tana seems far fetched. (No, I'm not suggesting Murph is, or should be, on his way out. Though I do ... off season topic.)
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