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In their game against SC? I dont think Georgia played that good but SC did a good job of staying in the game and keeping it as close as they did.

Georgia is a good team and Richt is a good coach
"BUT" they are very beatable. Being a Tide fan and
living here in Georgia I continually get inundated
with how great Georgia is and how we're going to
catch a butt whipping come September 27th. I believe
with our defense and our new offensive schemes that
"WE WILL" beat Georgia. If we can get in Staffords
face and seal off Moreno we can get it done.
- Georgia's defense looks vulnerable against the pass.
- Georgia's offense looks like it can be contained by a decent defense.
- Stafford has a lot of talent and is very accurate.
- Georgia is definitely "beatable".

- Is South Carolin's defense as good as Alabama's? (maybe, but I don't think so)
- Does Georgia have any chance of getting through their schedule undefeated? (I don't think so)
- Will Alabama beat Georgia? (I feel pretty good right now)
Knowshon is a really good runner, and AJ Green might be their best WR. Spurrier put his team in position to steal one from the dawgs, but you can't fumble the ball inside the redzone when the game is on the line. UGA is very beatable, but they are also very good. Their defense is solid as usual and they run the ball very well with Moreno.
They didn't exactly set the woods on fire did they. If we can stay well grounded and not get our heads in the clouds we might do aright. They didnt play like a #2 ranked team to me. ASU should give them a good test this Saturday especially playing @ ASU. We got to play intense as hell to win we cant afford to lolly gag around if we plan on winning.We gonna have to start out to kill and get worse all the time.
BigAl said:
ASU should give them a good test this Saturday especially playing @ ASU.

I don't know about that. UNLV beat Arizona St. this week. I know UNLV is 2-1, but how good could they be?

UGA will be looking to prove something against ASU. I think they blow them away.

You're right, though. We're going to have to be at the top of our game to beat Georgia.
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