| FTBL What are you most looking forward to seeing from Bama on Saturday?

Regardless of who takes the snaps, I want to see our QBs protect the ball, no pre-snap penalties, tackle well, get turnovers, win all phases of the game, and I want to see both OL and DL play with a mean streak as wide as the field! I want to see MTSU run it 3 straight plays to burn as much clock, get their check and get on back to Murfreesboro.
I want to see a dominant game, with minimum penalties, maximum scores, and no 'I's' Everybody will be happy and CNS can from there focus on the Longhorns without too much to correct from Game 1.

All around great plays! On the offense line keeping your head in the game! On the defense side the same! I hate to hear this about a PI calls Great play for him, he kept him from scoring.
Innovative run game with use of multiple TEs and more pullers to produce a more physical attack so the best stable of RBs in the nation can do their thing.

On D it’s better matchup zone coverage and more guys running to the ball and gang tackling
we'll use TE little more effective than we had in the past, but I still expect us to do well with our receivers. Rees is going to use everyone knowing the talent he has compared to ND. Shoot, I woldn't be shocked if we went to Ace formation a lot this fall, with TE motioning a lot. some motion from inside to outside, etc. But knowing what we have at Alabama, I can see some 3 receivers, 4, and maybe empty formation with 5...

We won't always see that, but it'll be there.
Shoot, I woldn't be shocked if we went to Ace formation a lot this fall,
I'm with you to a degree. Two tight ends? Yes. If we get to the nuts and bolts CJ and Niblack play two different positions—yet, both are tight ends. I see the ACE formation returning in short yardage downs. I also believe we'll see more of the H-back.
While you guys are obsessing with the linebackers and defensive backs...

I'm going back to a bitching point. The defensive line. I don't like this 2-3-6 set we've seen but it might work with the depth.
Go back and read some of the comments... I'd say Bama covered over 80% of them... no penalties, no drops, forced turnovers without turning it over, defense flew to the ball and tackled well, a ton of 2 TE sets, OL pass protection was fantastic, etc... Not a perfect game by any means, but I'd imagine most everyone should be pleased with what they saw based on what was being asked earlier this week...
Didn't get to see the game but heard lost of reports through the Bama Post game report. Sounds like a good win. Certainly a game to build on. It is only one game so lets see what the next one has in store. Consistency is something we have heard CNS talk about so lets see if that happens.
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