| FTBL video of Julio's touchdown. UNREAL

rammajamma said:
and that wasn't a very good pass either.

Considering hes making the play on the move i thought it was a great pass, caught Julio mid stride and didnt look as if the defender had much of a chance to knock it away.

But then, I hope JPW doesnt make to many throws without getting the proper footwork in, it did work out, but its always a risky play. Though he was being ran out of the pocket. I wont judge, but he gets a + since it worked out for a big gain.

Julio has some moves.
rammajamma said:
It kind of bothers me that the DB never looks for the ball.

I think that he never looked for the ball because he was playing catch-up when Julio blew by him off of the line. Desperation set in, ya know. Hopefully Julio will be able to do this to the opposing defensive backs in Atlanta...on a regular basis. If nothing else, he will free up other receivers and the running game as well. Teams will be rethinking the man-to-man on the Freshman strategy. Ya can't coach size and speed, and Julio will have the upper classmen defensive backs on the ropes. Look out Clemson!
I think we have our next super star.

True Freshman don't make those types of plays, even in scrimmages, unless they can straight up play ball.
a few good things...

First off...I see nothing but good in this clip. You guys can find bad if you want...I will stay on the positive side.

1st - JPW...wow, what a throw rolling to your right with a defender in your face! That guy has a good arm and I think this showed it.

2nd - Julio, Julio, Julio...not only did he run a good rout, get past his man, and make the catch...he broke free from one man and stiff armed another to get into the endzone.

3rd - RJ caught Julio...got stiff armed...but did not quit and eventually tackled him. Yeah he scored...but RJ stayed with the play and did not give up.

I see nothing but good here.
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