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Brailsford: I'm not ignoring the speculation he's thinking, or going to, transfer. It's disappointing because the unit could use depth. It's important to note that's what he was/is; depth. Over the off-season we, as fans, have something we hoped with get with Tommy: James Brockermeyer has bulked up.

Tyler - James - Jaeden: it looks like the interior is about locked up. With Proctor's return they're looking for a starting right tackle. It's been between McVay and Formsby up until this point.

FWIW, James took almost all of the snaps with the one's during the first scrimmage.

I'm not sure what kind of availability we'll see from the next practice. IF we get reports Brailsford didn't practice? If that's the case he's likely skipping the remaining half of spring camp and entering the portal on the 15th.
I mean, Brailsford had the opportunities, I can't fault him for maybe wanting to leave after failing to secure the top spot.

Coaches said he was taking some time to think things over a bit, so that to me indicates he'll either show-up to the practice and keep pushing or we will not see or hear from him until the transfer portal opens up.
As for O linemen, I feel confident that we will hit the portal after spring practice and there will be several good options available for depth. I'm not worried about that TBH. I'm excited to see Brockemeyer get his shot. I've been waiting for him to step up since he got here.
I’m not complaining.. it’s a little odd..we will see how it works… I just always said I hope Saban doesn’t become another Pat Dye type of hang around..

Pat Dye and CNS should never be compared in any capacity. CNS repects the game and the program and would only do something if he thought it would help the program in my view.
Pat was allowed to stick his nose in for way too long.. I doubt Coach Saban will.. He may be far too busy anyway..
Saban, Deboer and Stalling should never ever be compared to Shula, Dye, or Hasbin at all.
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